About Us

Power Switch Gear is an indomitable objective to be the Leaders in Design, development& Manufacturing of H.V Switchgears (i.e. VCBs & LBS) H.V M.V.,& L.V Panels. With the expertise, the infrastructure and best business practices acting to its advantage, Power Switch Gear, in a short stint of time has stretched the very limits of possibility. With the onus on quality and efficient process in delivering effective deliverables, the company boasts of good infrastructure which has the capacity to meet modern trends for the manufacture of H.V Switchgears like VCBs & LBS & HT LBS Panels/ Metering & Switching panel / Metering panel/VCB panel/ RMU panel with VCB & LBS etc. By using high-end tools like AUTO CADD (Computer Aided Designing& Drafting) to develop & improve the products, the company consistently has been able to churn out quality products without any defects. The company’s commitment to quality ensures excellent performance and facilitates on time delivery to the utmost satisfaction of customer.

Our Mission

Company Policy

To work closely with our customers to meet and exceed their demand, therefore ensuring Total Customer Satisfaction through excellence in product, quality, lead time and price competitiveness. 

Our Vision

To establish ourselves as a reliable company with strong technological capabilities, modern facilities and global presence. Our vision is to become a lead organization that drive revenue through greater exports and more value added parts.

Our Values

We aim to grow along with our customers by providing our services & facilities to their exact requirement. Our aim is to work in a way that our customers realize our full potential. We firmly believe that our growth is linked with our customer’s growth.