Products & Services

Other product

  • MCC’s (Motor Control Centre Panels)
  • PCC’s (Power Control Centre Panels)
  • APFCR (Automatic power factor correction Panel)
  • AMF Panel (Auto Main Failures) & LT Bus Ducts

Salient features

  • Excellent breaking performance.
  • Maintenance free long service life.
  • Separate instrument transformer
  • Chamber & metering / relay chamber.
  • Independent explosion vent Provided in
  • CT & PT Compartments.
  • Unlimited extensibility on either side.
  • Highest degree of personal constructio



Dev Specifications

  • Applicable standard IEC 60298 & 60694, 153427:1997
  • Type of installation Indoor metal clad panel
  • Degree of protection IP 4X externally & IP 2X between components
  • Phase to Phase clearance 120mm (minimum)
  • Phase to Phase Earth 100mm (minimum)
  • Bus Bar rating 400 to 2000A (maximum)
  • Incoming Cable Entry Rear Bottom
  • Type of Breaker DEV, Horizontal draw out & fixed version

We have Good testing facility which meets the latest TRENDS

  • Circuit Breaker Analyzer
  • Contact Resistance Tester.
  • High Voltage Power Frequency Tester unto 30KV
  • Current Injection KIT unto 1500 A
  • Polarity Tester
  • Continuity Tester Multimeter
  • Mechanical Endurance Tester on 70% load


    We have used:-

    A. TATA Steelium CRCA Sheet as per IS/IEC standards for fabrication of Cubicle.

    B. Standard Mechanical and Electrical materials, to obtain the highest Electrical and Mechanical Properties.

    C. the Load Break Switch conforms to IS 9920 IEC 60925.

    D. HRC Fuses conforms to IS Standards the capacity & insulation level is 21/28/75 KV for LBS

    E. the Tripping System is implemented through fuses & relays.

    F. the Instrumental current transformer Consist of (Resin Cast) Class-0.5. And Conforms to IS: 2705.The Insulation level is 15/35/95 KV for CTs.

    G. The potential Transformer (Resin Cast) Class 0.5 and Conforms to IS: 3156. The insulation level IS: 15/35/95 KV for Pts.

    H. The Electronic Trivector Meter CL-0. 5 L&T / Sems Make and conforms to IS 14697.

    I. The test terminal block is 3PH. 3wire back connection link type of IMP Make

    J. The sealing facility is provided as per EB Norms.

    K. The HV Metering, Metering & Switching LBS, RMU &VCB panel is made compact and convenient to erect outdoor and indoor for commercial

    Complexes, industrial units & Residential Apartments.